This page contains answers to the questions homeowners have about their STEP System. If there are things you don't understand or you have a general STEP System question please eMail any of the STEP Association Board Members. We will provide you with an answer then post it on the FAQ page for everyones benefit.

Q: Should homeowners use RID-X brand or other enzymes to help liquidate waste in the Solids Vault of the Canterwood STEP System
A: We contacted Northwest Cascade and asked their opinion on using RID-X or any other such products in our system. Their answer was; No, it should not be used. These products kill the bacteria and it is the bacteria that breaks down solids in your tank. This is an Acid based product so I personally have some concern about what these products might do to the pipes running through the streets of Canterwood.

Q: Do I need to have my tanks pumped like I did when I had a typical Septic System? If so, how often does it need to be pumped and who should I call to perform the work?
A: The STEP System works just like the typical Septic Systems. The difference is that our liquids are pumped out to the City Sewer where the typical septic System has a drain field in the yard. Our Solids still need to be pumped just like they do in a typical Septic System. The frequency depends on the amount of use, how many people you have exercising the system and what you are putting down your garbage disposal. As a general rule the system should be pumped ever 3 to 5 years. You can probably go 5 years if you only have two or three people in a house. A family of four or five will require pumping every 3 maybe 4 years. Best advice would come from one of the Service Provider. Go to the Homeowners page then to Service Providers for contact information.

Q: My STEP System Alarm is going off, what do I do, who should I call?
A: There are several situations that can cause your pump alarm to sound.
These are:
1) Your pump has failed completely
2) The power was recently restored to your home
3) It's raining hard and the pump is unable to keep up with the water coming in
Before you call anyone make sure that the current situation wasn't caused by a slow pump. In the case of 2) & 3) the alarm may be going off because the pump has not caught up from a power outage or there may be so much water coming into the system that the pump is unable to keep up with the inflow. Before calling a service Provider I recommend you wait for 30 to 60 minutes to see if the alarm stops. If it continues to sound then it's likely you have a faulty pump or a blocked line to the road. To have your system serviced, go to the Homeowners page then to Service Providers page and select a provider or go to the yellow pages where you will find additional companies to service your system.